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Student Response to "Sum up your Connelly experience..."

"Connelly is a warm and welcoming environment. Everyone seems to get along no matter what class you are in." 
Jarielle, 2009

"Cornelia Connelly High School is a school where once you step on campus you feel the warmth of the teachers and students. It has a certain ambiance that welcomes everyone no matter what."
Sarah '10

"Academically, I like Connelly because the teachers are here to help us succeed. There are so many opportunities to get help from teachers that I never feel lost. So far my experience at Connelly has been a great one and I look forward to the rest of my years here at Connelly."
Rebecca '09

There are many different kinds of girls here at Connelly, not only by personality, but also by religions, nationalities, looks and attitudes. The girls here at Connelly are probably the nicest girls I have ever met in my life."
Gabby '09 

Teacher Responses

"Connelly has been like an extension of my family. 30 years of love and enjoyment and being able to use my God given talents to make a difference."
Mrs. Henry, Connelly Athletic Director

"Connelly allowed me four more years of childhood in high school."
Pamela Toomey, Connelly Alumna and Art Department Chair

"Connelly is indeed a very caring, creative, and uplifting place. Excellence is expected from each student, and appropriately the students expect excellence from each instructor - our music courses, for example, provide excellent performance opportunities but also sound academic background and theoretical exploration. The students were responsible for this growth, they took responsibility for their own education - it's a pleasure to be a part of it."
Brian Dehn, Music Instructor

Connelly Alumnae Responses

"The Holy Child Exchange Program is a learning opportunity and a great way to grow as a mature, independent young woman. It is an unforgettable experience that is rarely offered to high school students."
Krystal, 2007

"It is a good place for individuality to blossom."
Hannah, 2007

"I love this school so much. Everyone is always there if you need help and they are always smiling."
 Kishia, 2006

"Overall Connelly's hospitality made me feel comfortable to share my thoughts and feelings, therefore helping me to develop more skills to achieve my goals."
Chloe, 2005

"The best way to describe Connelly is four years that will last a lifetime." 
Jacqueline, 2004

"My experience at Connelly has been rewarding, has taught me to have self confidence, to learn from my mistakes, and most importantly to laugh and have fun."
Sara, 2003

"Connelly gave me the chance to explore and learn about myself and meet great people along the way."
Francesca, 2002

"Connelly not only prepared me well for college, it provided the challenging, fun and cultivating environment in which to grow as a woman. Individual expression was encouraged, ideas were explored in small group settings, and lasting friendships were made."
Liz, 1985

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