As you know, this year marks the 200th Anniversary of the birth of Cornelia Connelly, foundress of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus.


We will be celebrating her birthday on January 8, 2009. Please come join us! Mass will be celebrated here on campus at 11:30am, followed by an afternoon of birthday activity!


Please R.S.V.P. to 714.776.1717 x229



Cornelia Connelly was born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on January 15, 1809, and founded the Society in England in 1846. She encouraged her Sisters "to meet the wants of the age," while serving with joy, love and compassion. Today, through ministries in education, social work, spiritual direction, pastoral care and administration, legal services, art, and health care, the Holy Child Sisters continue Cornelia's legacy on four continents: North America, South America, Europe and Africa.


To learn more about Cornelia Connelly and her life's work, please click on the following link;


 Please contact me if you have any questions. This will be a beautiful and historical tribute to Cornelia Connelly.






Connelly Alumnae whose daughters are current Connelly Students - 2008-2009  

ALUMNA                                                        STUDENT

Mary McDonald Cioffoletti '77                               Savannah Cioffoletti '11

Cynthia Gonzalez '83                                             Amanda Clarke '10

Marie Manzo Lopez '80                                         Alexandra Lopez '12

Martha Ward Peterson '77                                     Caletta Peterson '09


Connelly Alumnae who are members of the Connelly Faculty/Staff - 2008-2009
Cheryl Anderson-Butler '85                           Director of Alumnae Relations

Mary McDonald Cioffoletti '77                      Technology

Laura Peguero '00                                        Support Staff-Reception

Bridget Ricco '02                                          Development Associate

Evangelina Savala '00                                    Director of Activities & Academic Counseling

Pamela Gibbons Toomey '72                          Fine Arts Chair
Karen Stensby Welch '79                               Personal Guidance 



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Connelly Alumnae Ambassadors

The Director of Alumnae Relations oversees the Alumnae Ambassadors.  Ambassadors are hostesses for the alumnae presenters on Career Day, make telephone calls to alumnae for the annual phonathon, and assist with office tasks for alumnae events.

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Dona Herweck Rice 1982
Monica Guerra Robinson 1988
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