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Danae - 2009  


What campus activities are you involved in?  Cheer, Make-a-Wish Club, Book Club, Connelly Ambassadors.


What is your favorite class and why?  Math, because it comes easily to me and I enjoy challenging myself.


What is your favorite leisure activity?  Dancing


What are your career ambitions? I hope to be a veterinarian.  


Why did you choose Connelly? I liked the fact that when you walk on campus everyone is very welcoming.  When I shadowed everyone was so friendly and everyone was so close.


What do you like best about Connelly?  I like that because it is an all-girl's school we are so laid back.  The other big thing I like is that Connelly becomes your second home.  Your friends become like sisters and you even become close to your teachers.


How has CHS changed your life?  CHS has changed my life in a way that I can be who I am and not be afraid.  It has also made me more open minded to new things and opportunities.


What is your favorite place on campus?  My favorite place is in the back near the tennis courts because that is where my friends and I sit for lunch and breaks.


What is your favorite CHS tradition?  Spirit Week - because you get to bond with your big/little sister and have a chance to get spirited.


What is your favorite Connelly memory?  My favorite memory is not a specific one, it's the memories you make everyday that are the best.

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