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Mika - 2009                                                                                                                                                        

What campus activities are you involved in?  Student Council, ASB Vice President,  Junior Class President, Make-a-Wish club, Class Plays, and Connelly Ambassadors.


What is your favorite class and why?  History. " My World History teacher was the best!"  I remember learning so much.


What is your favorite leisure activity?  I love listening to my IPOD.


What are your career ambitions?  In the future I hope to pursue a career in medicine.  I hope to become an emergency room doctor.


Why did you choose Connelly?  I chose Connelly because when I first shadowed the people were so open and welcoming.  The academics as well as the after-school activities at Connelly were another reason I chose Connelly.  It has a challenging curriculum as well as very fun activities.


What do you like best about Connelly?  The activities and traditions at Connelly are the best part.  I think they bring the school closer together as a family.


How has CHS changed your life?  CHS has made me a more confident and outgoing young woman.  In elementary school I was a shy and quiet person.  I believe Connelly has brought the best out of me.


What is your favorite place on campus?  The benches in front of the school near the grass.


What is your favorite CHS tradition?  Class Plays.  They help us get to know each other more because we spend a lot of time working together.


What is your favorite Connelly memory?  Spending time with my friends, or, Beach Day.  Just spending a day relaxing with your friends is so precious.


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