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Thank you for your interest in employment opportunities at Connelly High School. If you feel that Connelly is a place where you would like to use your gifts and talents, we welcome you to send your resume to the school or email to Martha Serrano, Assistant Head of School at  [email protected] and we will retain it in our database. As opportunities become available, we will review those resumes within our database first. Again, we appreciate your interest in Connelly.

"The dedicated and supportive teachers and faculty, the energetic and welcoming students, the openness and comfort of the campus, I knew Connelly was the school for me."
Katherine, Class of 2011

"I had a pretty remarkable experience at Connelly. I think it was the catalyst for my university acceptance. I owe the rest of my life decisions and career choice to that experience at Connelly." 
Sally Polk-Garcia '73

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