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Welcome to Cornelia Connelly School - the place "where everyone really does know your name." Connelly is known for its academic excellence but it doesn't stop there. Connelly empowers young women to be self-confident in all that they do. They are scholars, athletes, cheerleaders, artists, actresses, award winners, musicians, singers, retreat leaders and community volunteers. Yes, Connelly is a small school, and it is so by choice.  Each of our young women can stand out and be a leader in the many activities that are offered. We celebrate their unique talents and accomplishments.

Our classes are small. Our course offerings are varied and challenging. Our faculty is caring and competent. In this setting, our students learn to write well and speak with confidence. When our young women graduate from Connelly, they represent well the Connelly philosophy - a philosophy that promotes the full development of young women capable of making choices that enrich their own lives and contribute to the lives of others.

Cornelia Connelly School is committed to the educational mission of the Catholic Church through the philosophy and spirituality of Cornelia Connelly. All that we do at Connelly is centered on spiritual and moral values. We educate young women of faith and integrity.

Come and visit Connelly. You will find classrooms situated among beautiful gardens. You will find students who respect and value religious and cultural diversity, and know how to study hard, pray together and have fun!

Sr. Francine Gunther, SHCJ
Head of School

Board of Trustees 2015-2016

Priscila Forbes - Board Chair
Thomas Arendt                                              
Suzanne DeVaney                                         
Joseph Gill                                                     
Joan Jung ‘78                                                
William Larkin                                                          
Max Lopez                                                    
Albert Marino                                                
Sr. Patricia Phillips, SHCJ                             
David Rivers                                                  
Therese Shoop                                              
Sr. Marcia Sichol, SHCJ                                            
Kathleen Sprinkles ‘65                                               
Joel Stone                                                       
Sr. Francine Gunther, SHCJ - Ex-officio member

"I teach at Connelly because this school empowers its students to become strong, confident thinkers in a joyous and happy learning environment. I have a special privilege to see God every day in the faces and actions of my students."
Michael Ambrose,
Math teacher

"I feel privileged to go to a school where I know everyone there cares about me and supports me. Connelly has helped me grow in my faith and build my confidence. I could not have picked a better school for high school."
Raynee, Class of 2013

"I had a pretty remarkable experience at Connelly. I think it was the catalyst for my university acceptance. I owe the rest of my life decisions and career choice to that experience at Connelly." 
Sally Polk-Garcia '73

School office hours are
7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Monday through Friday

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