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Holy Child education is a tradition rooted in Christian values and expressions, and attuned to learning opportunities that enable students to respond to life with joy and compassion. Holy Child educators encourage students to meet diversity and change with confidence in their own gifts and in God.

As a Catholic School located in the Diocese of Orange, Connelly enjoys the approbation of the Diocese and welcomes students of all religious faiths. Although the school operates independently, the administration collaborates with the five other Catholic High Schools in Orange County in an effort to coordinate policies, planning and activities.

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"I teach at Connelly because this school empowers its students to become strong, confident thinkers in a joyous and happy learning environment. I have a special privilege to see God every day in the faces and actions of my students."
Michael Ambrose,
Math teacher

"I feel privileged to go to a school where I know everyone there cares about me and supports me. Connelly has helped me grow in my faith and build my confidence. I could not have picked a better school for high school."
Raynee, Class of 2013

"I had a pretty remarkable experience at Connelly. I think it was the catalyst for my university acceptance. I owe the rest of my life decisions and career choice to that experience at Connelly." 
Sally Polk-Garcia '73

School office hours are
7:30 a.m. - 4 p.m.
Monday through Friday

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