Connelly is blessed with a vibrant faith community, where Catholic Christian principles are taught and modeled. This lived faith is evident in actions and activities that promote spirituality, respect for all faith traditions, and social justice.

Led by the Director of Campus Ministry and a team of students in the Pastoral Ministry class, the program focuses on masses and prayer services, retreats and service to others. All members of the Connelly community participate in Campus Ministry activities, and all are called to leadership and service. The sharing of values and beliefs is encouraged, as students and faculty learn from one another. "Students at Cornelia Connelly School are called upon to model Jesus Christ and to take an active role in the faith tradition to which she belongs." Connelly Philosophy.

Masses and/or prayer services are held at least once monthly for the entire school. These are planned to speak to teens, and often include multicultural and ecumenical elements. Parents, family and friends are always welcome to join. Dates and times are posted in the school calendar and the monthly Connelly Courier.

The retreat program offers one full day, off-campus retreat for each grade level as well as the faculty. This provides a time to be still and listen to what God is telling us, to build community and to explore new ideas related to spiritual growth.

The Kairos retreat program is offered to Seniors. This four day off-campus retreat is well established in Catholic schools nationwide. Kairos is a Greek word meaning "God's Time, God's Opportunity." Retreatants are given an extended time to reflect, pray, rest and experience God's unconditional love. Many say that this is the highlight of their senior year.

An outgrowth of experiencing God's love for us is a desire to serve others as Jesus taught us to do. Service is an integral part of the Connelly experience as evidenced by the many service projects, both formal and informal, by groups or individuals, and including students, faculty and staff, that take place in the community. (For more information on service, go to the Community Service section of this web site.)

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