Connelly High school provides a Personal Guidance Department to aid students in navigating the challenges of high school life. Licensed counselors are available during specified hours throughout the week for one on one or group meetings. Common situations presented in the counseling office include: adolescent development issues, crisis intervention, relationship struggles, conflict resolution, communication skills education, and stress management. Students are invited to visit with the counselor on their own volition and are supported by encouraging faculty and staff. Should the need arise, the department is able to make community referrals for outside assistance when necessary.

As part of its function on campus, the Guidance Department heads up the Human Development Program. This includes providing various guest speakers and assemblies on such topics as: alcohol and other drug prevention, personal safety, health and weight management, career success, moral development and social activism, among others.

Guidance Department Faculty

Karen Welch, School Counselor x 231

Dr. Nick De Los Reyes, Psychologist  x 231
[email protected]

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