Bedazzled Catering

1210 N Jefferson Ave, Suite Q Anaheim CA 92807   EMAIL: [email protected]

(714) 238-9018       (714) 321-6744 Emergency Number Only


We are excited to once again be serving Connelly High School!


Bedazzled Catering has been in business for over 20 years and we pride ourselves on our unique and creative meals.  

It is our goal to serve delicious and healthy lunches.


We will be taking orders every two weeks, paid in advance.

A $5.50 Lunch includes: A hot entrée, side salad or soup, dessert and beverage.


Click here to view the monthly calendar.           Click here for a Fax and email form

                                                                               Fax # (714) 238-9140


To place a lunch order:


Click here for the monthly calendar


Email: [email protected] with the following information:


    • Student Name
    • Grade level
    • List of dates for days you are ordering lunch
    • Credit card information (number, exp. date, security)


All lunch orders are to be processed through Bedazzled Catering. For any questions or concerns, please contact them directly at (714) 238-9018, or email at [email protected]. The Connelly school office will not collect or process orders.



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