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Mission Statement

We are a school where girls develop into self-confident, poised, and articulate women, 
empowered to transform our global society.


The Connelly Philosophy

As an independent college preparatory high school for girls sponsored by the Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus, we are true to the original principles of trust, reverence and respect espoused by our founder Cornelia Connelly.  Guided by the tenets of Catholicism, today we embody a broad sense of inclusive spirituality.

We value the independence of each young woman, emphasizing that within the local
and global community she seek her destiny by taking personal responsibility for choices of:

Academic/intellectual excellence
Critical thinking
An intuitive system of values, ethics and morality
Faithful pursuit of spirituality
Global cultural consciousness and understanding
Optimal college and career preparation
Mature and respectful social interaction
Healthy balanced living and having fun

Vision Statement

The pre-eminent school for empowered women leaders.






Strategic Goal - Communicate a clear identity that validates the mission and vision of
Cornelia Connelly School

Develop Marketing/PR Plan.
      -      Develop Slogan/Logo/Font for consistent use and availability to school departments.
      -      Strengthen recruiting process with Jr. High's and Church Youth Programs.
      -      Identify ways to demonstrate and represent Connelly's values and spirit of community.
      -      Promote the Connelly identity with colleges to expand opportunities and increase acceptances.


Strategic Goal - Ensure that Spirituality and Social Responsibility continue to be integral parts
the Connelly experience

      -     Foster a strong commitment to personal spiritual growth.
      -     Implement a comprehensive leadership program.
      -     Develop and implement a comprehensive human development program.
      -     Promote and implement responsible environmental programs.                    
      -     Review and revise the focus of the Service Program to provide an integrated learning
      -     Ensure that morality, ethics, and charity become lifelong governing values.


Strategic Goal - Ensure a challenging academic environment that enables students to meet
their growth potential

      -     Strengthen and expand current and potential offerings of the Connelly curriculum in a way 
            that addresses the opportunities and challenges of globalization.
      -     Implement an effective academic guidance program that includes optimal college and
            career preparation.
      -     Improve and enhance technological and physical resources needed in classrooms and the
             library for student and faculty use.
      -     Develop and implement a Physical Education program that advances a healthy lifestyle and
             the lifelong enjoyment of activities that promote physical fitness.


Strategic Goal - Promote athletic and co-curricular programs that optimize student skills and

Upgrade campus athletic facilities.
      -     Recruit high level coaches who support and promote the mission and philosophy of the
      -     Assess the league placement of the athletic teams to determine their competitive strength.
      -     Elevate and implement the standards for the co-curricular program to promote leadership 
            through clubs, organizations, service activities, and traditions.


Strategic Goal - Attract and retain top quality faculty and staff 

      -     Design an attractive compensation package to ensure recruitment and retention of
             high-quality faculty and staff.
      -     Expand and increase Connelly's visibility through participation in various recruiting
      -     Maximize professional development opportunities.


Strategic Goal - Develop a comprehensive facilities plan to support and enhance the
school's educational goals

      -     Complete the Arts & Athletics Complex.
      -     Develop and implement an on-going refurbishment plan for the campus.
      -     Develop and implement a plan to integrate sustainable environmental strategies.
      -     Ensure safety and security of the campus.


Strategic Goal - Ensure long term financial sustainability

      -     Develop and implement a five-year strategic financial plan that specifically
            addresses key issues, including: enrollment targets, salary scales, tuition and
            tuition assistance.
      -     Establish endowment fund.


Strategic Goal - Develop programs to maximize sources of revenues

      -     Evaluate and restructure fundraising programs.
      -     Evaluate and restructure Development Department to align its functions with the
            school's fundraising objectives.
      -     Cultivate a stronger and expanded pool of resources.
      -     Develop Grant Writing as a source of funds for the school.
      -     Implement a Planned Giving Program to increase endowed funds.
      -     Promote parent participation as an integral part of the Connelly experience.


Strategic Goal - Increase Alumnae programs and involvement in school

      -     Define Alumnae Involvement.
      -     Develop and implement a plan that will maximize Alumnae involvement.
      -     Increase the level of giving for major fundraising activities. 


           An implementation oversight committee chaired by a member of the Board will be
established upon adoption of the Strategic Long-Range Plan. The committee will ensure
that the individual strategic goals and objectives are implemented through appropriate
timelines and mechanisms (e.g. existing committees such as the Development and
Finance Committees, development of new appropriate plans/programs, etc.).  The chair
of the implementation oversight committee will provide regular status reports on the
SLRP implementation to the Board and the Connelly community. 


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