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How do I...

Find the best research information?
Start the library's online subscription electronic databases. The WorldBookOnline and Thomson Gale research databases can be accessed from any computer on campus and from your home computers through your Edline account. Not sure how to use it? See Mrs. Greenhut in the library or Mrs. Cioffoletti in the Computer Lab. The library also has quality reference e-books in our Virtual Library, also accessible through Edline.

Find a useful website?
            Sometimes "googling" a question doesn't get you the information you need. Try using a reliable subject directory, like The Librarians Index to the Internet or the WWW Virtual Library or one of the recommended sites on the Useful Links page. Don't forget your best  resource for help: your librarian.

Tell if I have found a reliable website to use for my research paper?
            Who is the author and what are his qualifications?  What is the purpose of the site and is it clearly stated?  When was it last updated? Use this site for a helpful checklist. A Library Research Guide 

Find a book I need? 
            First check our library's catalog (available on all computers on campus). For an easy check to see which local libraries in California have your book, try searching CalCat, the California Libraries online catalog. Links to local public libraries are included on the Useful Links page.

Correctly cite materials I use for my paper?
            Academic disciplines use different styles.  At Connelly, students typically use the MLA (Modern Language Association) style.  Consult online help, or check out the book! 

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