The following classes will be celebrating reunions in 2009

1969, 1974 1979, 1984, 1989, 1994, 1999, 2004




Contact Information

Date & Location


Patricia Sweeny Rywak

[email protected]

May 1-3, 2009




Orange County, CA






Shirley Lee White

[email protected]

June 27, 2009




Connelly  11:30-3pm


If your class would like to hold a reunion in 2009 and you do not have a coordinator listed for your class reunion, contact Cheryl Anderson-Butler '85, Director of Alumnae Relations, at canderson or at 714.776.1717 x229. She can provide you with class lists and mailing labels.

The following classes could be having a class reunion this year. If you have any information on any of the "missing alumnae", including full name of husband, please contact Cheryl Anderson-Butler 

Class of 1969
Missing Alumnae from the Class of 1969: Kathleen Bailey, Christine Carson, Kathleen Benafel, Lilian Tosto Moore, Linda Petit, Margaret Rodocker, Mary Maser, Deidre Naughton and Patricia Webb Mavredakis.

Class of 1974
Missing Alumnae from the Class of 1974: Nancy Kane Adamson, Colleen Salaets Mayercheck, Maureen Tyrrell Simons, Marianne Nelson, Mary Stephenson, and Mary Whiting.


Class of 1979
Missing Alumnae from the Class of 1979: Margaret  Tokar Boyle,
Anna Covarrubias Echeverria, Deanna Fontanes, Andrea Kliminski, Dori Swift, Janice Salazar Sullivan, and Cathy Jones Severance.


Class of 1984
Missing Alumnae from the Class of 1984:
Llokonda Constantino, Carrie Emard Melanson, and Silvana Rodriguez.


Class of 1989
Missing Alumnae from the Class of 1989: Cynthia Flores, Jennifer Anderson-Wagner, Joy Postma, Kimberly Chang, Mara McClain, and Monica Wiech Mitchell.



Class of 1994
Missing Alumnae from the Class of 1994: Tracey Shepos.



Class of 1999
Missing Alumnae from the Class of 1999: Brooke Bates, and Eileen Kim.

Class of 2004
Missing Alumnae from the Class of 2004: Amanda Colom, and Elizabeth Stepnitz.

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