CONNELLY TIMES - 2007 Alumnae News

Class Notes

Barbara Drainville '67 and her husband Dr. Daniel L. Inman live in Ephratea, WA.There are three children.  They are Genevieve Haaland -(25), Gregory Drainville-Inman - (25), and Emily Jane Drainville-Inman - (22).  Barbara's field of work involves Special Education in which she has a Masters degree from the University of Washington.  She has also had post-graduate coursework and in-service training at the University of Washington. 

Rene Tock Arche '77 is an Editorial Director for Presbyterian Intercommunity Hospital in Whittier, CA.  Rene and husband Rich are very proud of their daughter, Richelle.  She participated in the People to People Student Ambassador Program to New Zealand and Australia, plans to major in art history in college. The Arches live in Anaheim, CA.

Diane Carson McInerney '72 has made a move to a new home in Vermont.  She writes that the twins are really happy there and the school is much better.  Diane was a grandmother for the second time in August of 2007.  Her first granddaughter is 3 � years old.  Diane is now the Executive Assistant to the Vermont State Historic Preservation Office and loves her job.  She started pursuing her Masters Degree at UVM in Historic Preservation.

Kate Maris Connelly'78 has lived in Europe since finishing university.  She is lives in Belgium with her Belgian husband, Karel,  their daughter, Charlotte, and son, Matthijs. She has lived in Europe for almost twenty years.  This June, Kate took a month's vacation, and rented a house in Santa Barbara, CA.  Kate received her PhD from Boston University in January of 2007, and is a University lecturer.

Deborah Bernal Qualls '78 is a graphic designer.  Deborah and her son Matthew live in Camarillo, CA.

Suzette Fano Valenta '78 is a MRI Technologist.  She and her husband, Roger, live with their two sons, Nathaniel (20) and Benjamin (16), in Yorba Linda, CA. 

Patricia Poteraj Muff '78 and family reside in Niles, MI.  Patricia is a Marketing Administrator.  She and her husband, Steve, have five children: Tony, Tom, James, Sara and Jonathon. 

Sandra Sadowski-Kammer '78 is a teacher.  Sandra and husband, John Kammer, have three daughters - Rachel, Amanda and Sarah.  The Kammers reside in Chino Hills, CA.

Margot Evans '82 wrote and published a children's book about Parkinson's disease.  It is titled My Grandpa has Parkinson's and was published by Vantage Press.  All proceeds go the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson Research.  Margot wrote the book after her father had Parkinson's and she was dealing with issues of explaining to her son what was happening to his grandpa. 

Kathleen Buckley-Hanes '83 married Fred P. Hanes July 8, 2006 at St. Edwards Church in Dana Point, California. They are moving to Bolgna, Italy for 2 years, beginning in January 2008.

Sarah Ward Reichardt '85 - The Reichardts are living in the Dallas area of Texas.  Sarah is an Executive Assistant with Avnet, Inc. and is chairing the local community outreach committee.  Her husband, Vincent, is an SAP business consultant and their daughter, Rachel (15), is playing clarinet in the school band.  The family is having a great time with the neighborhood softball team and social clubs.  One of their closest neighbors is a Marywood graduate!  Sarah and Vincent recently celebrated their 17th wedding anniversary at Chili's. 

Cheryl Anderson '85 was married to Merrill Butler III on January 27, 2007, at Saint Catherine of Siena in Laguna Beach, Ca.  The mass was celebrated by Father Eamon T. O'Gorman, long associated with the Anderson family. Cheryl was escorted down the aisle by her brothers, Stephen and Eric Anderson.  Mary Pat Anderson, a Eucharistic Minister, served communion to those attending the wedding celebration.  The wedding party was comprised of all family members.  A reception followed at The Balboa Bay Club & Resort.  Guests traveled from as far away as Australia, and as close as Connelly. The bride and groom were honored that Sr. Francine Gunther, Martha Serrano and Shanti Ernest were in attendance. Brian Dehn, Cornelia Connelly Music Director performed the music at the mass. Also attending was class mate, Michelle Luhan Nordberg '85.  Cheryl recently joined the Connelly staff as Director of Alumnae Relations & Annual Giving, leaving her longtime career in the international photography industry.

Lara Salamacha '86 and husband Steve Beebe are excited to announce the birth of their son, Kevin Edward Beebe, on March 16, 2007.  Big sister Amy, born in June of 2004, was happy to know that her little brother finally arrived. 

Dr. Laura Kathleen Elizondo '86 was recently recognized in the publication, USC Dentistry for her work at the Union Rescue Mission.  Kathy has been working at the clinic for the past four years serving those in need in her role as Director. She trains new dental students while treating dental patients each day, as she oversees the entire program.  Before dental school, Kathy was in the Peace Corps in Ecuador where she taught English and worked in small village medical clinics.  She still ventures to third world countries as her vacation, contributing her talents as a dentist and as a humanitarian.  Her work is inspirational and she truly embodies the Connelly Spirit in her career choices and continual daily efforts to give back to those in need.  Kathy is also an athlete running in marathons around the country.  She has run in 16 states of her goal to run in all 50 states. 

Lisa Agustines '87 resides in Manhattan Beach, California with husband, Dr. Afshin Safa, whom she met in medical school (UCSD). Lisa is an Ob/Gyn, specializing in urogynecology. They have 2 young children, Sophia (3) and Samuel (9 months). 

Julie Butler Crist '87, her husband Robin are extremely busy with their four children; Ellie Nicole (4), Ashley Morgan (2) and twins Zachary Douglass and Kelsey Ann (1). They enjoyed their summer vacation in Carmel and Santa Cruz. They are extremely busy and reside in Camarillo, California.

Jeanette Schwab Covington '87 and her husband Charles and daughter Audrey welcomed Reese (who is an adorable little girl) into their family on 2/25/2006.  Reese was erroneously listed as a boy in the last Connelly Times.

Kelly Goran Fulton '87 was disappointed to miss her 20th reunion. Kelly and her husband Chad are blessed with their second child Theodore James, born in June. Big sister Anna Grace, now 3, is thrilled. Kelly lectures at the University of Texas, teaching classes in Sociology of Education and Families.

Mary Fraher Kutsenda '87 and husband, Eric, recently celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary. They reside in Manhattan Beach, California, with daughters Colleen (almost 2) and Rachel (almost 4). Mary graduated from Santa Clara, along with Anne Sullivan. She continued her education at Northwestern University in Chicago with a graduate degree in marketing. Mary can be reached at [email protected]

Laura Leong Ly '87 and husband, Bach, reside in Cerritos with children, Savannah (4) and Parker (2). Laura has retired as an occupational therapist and is now homeschooling her children.

Katie Heimark Michael '87 moved back to Los Angeles (Pacific Palisades) with newlywed husband, John Michael. John is a JACK-FM and KROQ radio personality and dj. Katie continues her career as an Interior Designer (Katie Michael Design).

Ruth Brajevich Ranalli '87 celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary with husband Ken. Ruth is Chief Marketing Officer for Ware Malcomb, a national design firm located in Irvine, California. She is the first female shareholder for the company. Ruth has two boys, Devan (5) and Derek (8).  

Jennifer Kocek '89 was married to Malu Sagiao on December 20, 2006, on the island of Kauai.  Jen is a middle school principal at Island Pacific Academy, a non-sectarian PK-12 independent school in Kapolei, HI. The school opened in 2004.  She was part of the founding faculty and the leading member of a 3-member team of educators hired to design the middle school program.

Irene Chirilov Bold '91 and husband, Dr. Michael Bold, announce the birth of their fourth child, Michael, born on November 8, 2006.  Michael has two older sisters and an older brother. Irene is now a Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine,  and assists her husband in his optometry offices.

Mary Ferguson '94 graduated from the Catholic University of America, Columbus School of Law (Washington, DC).  She took the California bar exam in July and has been hired for a one year clerkship for the Maryland District Court in Montgomery County, MD. Mary can be reached at [email protected]

Julie Chang '94 graduated from the Masters of Fine Arts program at Stanford University. She has been awarded a one year residency at the Headlands Center for the Arts in Marin County, CA.  Julie has exhibited work in San Francisco, DC, and New York.  Her work can be seen at  She has also become engaged to Bradley Olcott.

Elizabeth Ahn '95 married her husband, Joseph Carmichael on November 11, 2006.  Elizabeth is a medical malpractice defense attorney in California, waiting to sit for the Missouri bar exam.  Her husband, Joseph, is a surgeon in California.  He completed his surgery residency at UCI Medical Center, and has a license in Illinois until he finishes his fellowship in colorectal surgery.

Carol Heinz '95 has launched a private practice in Psychotherapy. She is also an adjunct faculty member at Seattle University, Washington.

Kanani Yago '95 and husband, Titus Potter welcomed son, Carter Pottinger, on December 8, 2005.  The family moved to Gilbert, Arizona.

Chrysanthi Settlage Leon, JD, PhD '95 received her doctorate from UC Berkeley in May of 2007.  In June, Chrysanthi and her family (husband Miles Leon and daughter, Maggie Leon - age 2) moved to Delaware.  Chrysanthi is now an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Criminal Justice at the University of Delaware. 

Anju Hurria '96 graduated from medical school in May of 2007 from the State University of New York School of Medicine.  Anju will be pursing a residency in psychiatry at UC - San Diego.  She is very happy to be returning back to Southern California to be near family and friends!

Shanna Sweet Nanney'96 was married to her husband, Ron Nanney, in July of 2005.  Shanna graduated with a doctorate in veterinary medicine in 2005, and is in a veterinarian practice with four other vets.

Shana Randhava '96 graduated from the University of Chicago, Graduate School of Business.  She received an MBA with focus in Finance and Economics. Shana is moving to New York to work as an investment banker at Lehman Brothers.

Cristina Kawecki '97 has reestablished herself in Orange County.  She is back living in Santa Ana, CA after living in Houston and then New York City. Cristina went to the Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC, and majored in advertising and marketing communications.  She is now a Project Manager/Traffic Coordinator at Young and Rubicam Brands, an advertising agency in Irvine, Ca.  Cristina also tutors part time for the Princeton Review, where she teaches the SAT, SAT2 Lit, and ACT tests to high school students.

June Shih '97 graduated from UCI in a BS in Physics - bio med and astronomy concentrations. After working for several different companies, June is now employed by Catalina Marketing in Irvine managing a team of seven account managers. The company works with all grocery divisions, natural foods, drug and mass merchandiser channels, as well as convenience stores and Target.  Hitting the snow capped mountains every Sunday is her winter routine - the summer routine involves hitting the beaches and lakes.

Regina Cachuela '97 lived in Miami, FL for a year after high school.  She has now lived in San Francisco for 5 � years.  Regina has been working in computer graphics for the broadcasting, game and film industries doing everything from QA, IT, to web development.  Currently, Regina is obtaining a BS in Visual and Game Programming from The Art Institute of CA- SF.  She will be a Technical Assistant at LucasFilm Animation in Marin County.

Carolyn Kriz '97 was married to Evan on July 21, 2007.  Evan and Carolyn met in college.  Their wedding date (July 21) was the same day that Carolyn's parents, Carolyn's father's parents, and Carolyn's father's grandparents were married.

Julia Adams '98 married to Casey Hagen on September 6, 2006. They were married on a yacht on the Puget Sound in Washington. Julia is currently working for Washington Financial Group as a Mortgage Banker.

Dana Kelly '98 was married John Melsom on August 25, 2007, at the Montage Resort in Laguna Beach, CA. Dana's sister, Diane Kelly '02, was her Maid of Honor.  Connelly alumnae in attendance were Miriam Ghosn '98, Jindy Bal '98, and Kelly Feary Stinner '98.   International guests traveled from England, Scotland, Monaco, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Dubai, and the Czech Republic.  Other guests were from California, New York, Florida, Arizona, Colorado, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Oregon, Texas, Utah and Washington. The honeymoon was a safari in Zambia, Victoria Falls and an island part of an archipelago of Mozambique. John and Dana met in NYC in May of 2004 through a mutual friend. John was there on business and Dana was there for work for the Day After Tomorrow movie premiere. Dana graduated from University of Southern California in 2002.   The newly weds will live in London after the wedding.

Dominique Hilsabeck Nahapetian '99 and husband Roget are the parents of two sons, Remy, and Armen, born on March 24, 2007.    Roget works for Merck Pharmaceuticals in the vaccine division.  Prior to the birth of her first son, Dominique worked for DeVry University in Long Beach as a recruiter - after attending UCSC. Dominique and Roget were married in 2004.  Dominique is delighted to be a stay at home mom!

Lara Wozniak '00 has been busy performing in pop shows and musicals, writing, recording, and selling her CDs. She is the voice of the first singing Barbie doll, Princess Anneliese, and was the voice of Barbie on the 2006 holiday commercials. She was Elphaba of the musical "Wicked" in Japan from January to September.

Amy Hyunjoo Sung '00 graduated from Towson University on January 1, 2007.  She received a Bachelor of Science degree in three majors: Molecular Biology, Biochemistry, and Bioinformation major with a concentration on Biochemistry, General Chemistry and Economics.  Amy is employed as a financial analyst by MIAS Fashion, Inc., which is located in New York City.  Amy is living in Rutherford, NJ. 

Joanne Wozniak '01 is working with Fineman Entertainment in Beverly Hills and has many projects in the works.

Karina Olivera '01 received a Bachelor of Music degree on May 11, 2007 from the University of Southern California.

Alexandra Gornik '02 graduated from the University of North Florida in December of 2006.  She is now working as a Marketing Director for Chick-fil-A. Alexandra lives in Jacksonville, FL.  In July of 2007, Alexandra was a bridesmaid at the wedding of Dan Shea -  Servite '02.

Katie Lawler '03 On May 26, 2007, Katie was awarded a BA in Psychology and graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Redlands.  Katie was also a member of Phi Beta Kappa. 

Sameen Ghazali '03 received her BS in Conservation and Resource Studies from The University of California, Berkley on May 20, 2007. 

Elizabeth Lazzari '05 recently traveled to California and was awarded most valuable player, representing West Point's Women's Volleyball Team. The entire Lazzari family, Connelly faculty, alumnae and staff attended the tournament at UC Riverside in early September. Additional photos can be viewed at 

Faith Reynado '05 continues her studies at University of California at Santa Barbara. She expects to graduate in 2008 with a degree in History, and a minor in Education. Faith plans on teaching History at the high school or college level. In addition to her studies, Faith is busy teaching SAT prep courses for The Princeton Review.

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