Water Polo
Coach: Steven Walswick   [email protected]
           Stephanie Gamache
Print Physical Form here

Returning athletes 2008 Physical due no later than Sept. 30th in the school office.

Tryouts for the 2008-09 team are Nov. 19th 3:30 - 5:30
at Pearson Park
                                         400 N Harbor Blvd
                                         Anaheim, CA 92805
                                         (714) 774-6230

Water Polo team practices the following locations:  
        St. Catherines Military Academy                                                 Pearson Park
        215 North Harbor Blvd.  (North of La Palma and Harbor)     400 N. Harbor Blvd.    
        Anaheim, CA  92805                                                                     Anaheim, CA  92805       
       714-774-1368                                                                                  714-774-6230


2008-09 Schedule                                                                          Win/Loss
Nov. 25th                 CHS @ Santa Ana High School                 Cancelled
Dec. 9th                   CHS @ JSerra High School                         Loss
Dec. 11th                 CHS @ St. Joseph High School                 Loss
Dec. 12th                El Rancho HS Tournament                                     
                                         Fri.   Burroughs HS                                 Win
                                         Fri.   Pioneer  HS                                     Win 
                                         Sat.  LaSerna HS                                     Loss
Dec. 16th                CHS @ Estancia High School                     Loss
Jan. 13th                CHS @ JSerra High School                         Loss*
Jan. 20th
                CHS @ Estancia High School                     Loss
Jan. 27th                Rosary @ CHS   (Servite)                             Loss*
Feb. 3rd                   CHS @ Santa Margarita HS                        Loss*
Feb. 9th                   CHS @ El Dorado                                          Loss
Feb. 10th                 CHS @ Mater Dei High School                   Loss

Trinity League Games *     


****Call the Connelly Sports Line 714.776.1717, x 296 for information*****

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