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Thank you to our wonderful supporters that gave of their time and talents that made
the Galaxy of Stars Dinner & Auction a huge success!


William & Dorice Larkin
Parents of Lamia Larkin ’04 and Nalani Larkin ’08

Event Sponsors

William & Dorice Larkin
Parents of Lamia Larkin ’04 and Nalani Larkin ’08

George & Eleanor Duncan
Parents of Lauren Duncan ’83, Heather Crane ’84 and Andrea Campos ’86

Martin & Suzanne Garcia
Parents of Jessica Garcia ’96

Society of the Holy Child Jesus

Shining Star
Curtis & Brenda Bryan
Parents of Dominique O’Sullivan-Irwin ’03

Bruce & Kathy Stuart
Parents of Marisa Stuart ’10

Andrew Talley
Talley & Company
Parents of Megan Talley ’04

Douglas & Suzanne Whitney


Alaskan Cruise
Greg & Therese Shoop
Parents of Meghan Shoop ’16

Patrick Powers
Parent of Jennifer Trudgeon ’03

Greg & Therese Shoop
Parents of Meghan Shoop ’16

Sparkling Wine
Ronald & Kathy Reid
Parents of Emily Reid ’14

Bill & Lisa Borbridge
Parents of Amy Borbridge ’18

Mary Loftus
Parent of Bridget Floyd ’77

Sr. Elizabeth Loomis, SHCJ
Sisters of the Holy Child Jesus

Kathleen Sprinkles ’65
Alumna, Board Member

Sr. Joanne Sullivan, SHCJ

Galaxy of Stars Dinner & Auction Committee

Galaxy of Stars Chair
Angie Sempel Arendt ’85

Heidi Larkin

Auction Displays
Patti Brunter

David Fischer

Catering & Decorations
Julissa Fontes

Database Management
Leena Johnson

Class Projects
Catherine Laton

Martha Shrum

Volunteer Management
Espie Van Beek

Angie Butler
Ron Conser
Alden de la Rosa
Mariana Diaz
Stacy Gonzales
Ileana Huerta
Nora Jesch
Jeremy Johnson
Tyna Kennedy
Vicki Kerwitz
Jeannette Lambert
Jim Lambert
Linda Marshburn
Dianne Martinez
Rebecca Martinez
Amber Matas
Dan Meland
Margaret Meland
Susan Michael
Irene Neoman
Tammy Peng
Louise Perry
Cindy Resong
Silvia Solis
Karen Tinnes
Tony Van Beek
Gina Vivanco
Cathy Wills
Diana Rosas-Zavala

Student Volunteers
Hanna Adams ’17
Sophia Albanese ’17
Emily Arendt ’20
Miranda Arendt ’17
Amy Borbridge ’18
Katrina Brunter ’16
Noelle Fischer ’16
Maizie Gonzalez ’19
Catherine Hand ’17
Katsya Kennedy ’17
Nicole Larkin ’16
Channing Lee ’19
Katherine Meland ’16
Elizabeth Neoman ’16
McKenna Rivers ’17
Diana Shrum ’17
Catherine Tinnes ’19
Bailee Van Beek ’19
Jessica Wills-Plisko ’19
Erin Wolfe ’16

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