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Students share their Connelly experience...

"Connelly is more than a single-gender education. It is an experience filled with lifelong friends, inspirational teachers, and opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else. Together, these moments have shaped me into the leader I am today. I love that the Connelly experience allows every student to be multidimensional. My fellow Connelly girls and I take advantage of every opportunity to be some combination of club leader, athlete, stellar student, service activist, etc., an opportunity that is inaccessible in many larger schools."  Imani '12

"I chose Connelly because the moment I stepped foot on campus I felt a bond between al the girls, and a warm sisterly feeling in a small and unique campus." Alexine '12

"Connelly is a nurturing and fun environment. There are a variety of classes including all of the AP and Honors courses I need. The curriculum is tough, but well-designed. There are lots of clubs and sports and so many amazing traditions. Connelly also gave me the extraordinary opportunity to travel to and study in Ireland and tour Italy with the choir." Catherine '12

"I chose Connelly because I wanted to receive the best education to help me get into a top-ranking university. I also wanted to gain lifelong friendships and be able to express my true personality. I find myself being challenged, yet having fun each day." Sophia '12

"At Connelly I am never afraid to be myself. The settings around me are positive and I enjoy being on campus. The girls that I met not only became my friends, but we also formed a sisterhood." Mackenzie '12

"My experiences here, at Connelly, are always fun. I learn important information everyday while I am with my friends who are like family. I can be myself and be confident." Heather '12

"Connelly truly is my home - full of great sisters and guardians (teachers). I am well-prepared for the future. I am a mature and responsible young woman that can face adulthood and impact society." Dani '11

"Cornelia Connelly School is a school where once you step on campus you feel the warmth of the teachers and students. It has a certain ambiance that welcomes everyone no matter what." Sarah '10

"Academically, I like Connelly because the teachers are here to help us succeed. There are so many opportunities to get help from teachers that I never feel lost. So far my experience at Connelly has been a great one and I look forward to the rest of my years here at Connelly." Rebecca '09

There are many different kinds of girls here at Connelly, not only by personality, but also by religions, nationalities, looks and attitudes. The girls here at Connelly are probably the nicest girls I have ever met in my life." Gabby '09 

Teachers sum up their Connelly experience...

"There are three reasons I enjoy teaching at Connelly: First, I am supported and encouraged by the administration to develop new lessons that challenge my students in new and different ways. Second, I enjoy the community of educators that are my colleagues. They are gifted and passionate about their disciplines. And lastly and most importantly, I enjoy teaching at Connelly because the students are strong, unique, and compassionate." Matt Marshall, Social Science teacher

"I teach at Connelly because this school empowers its students to become strong, confident thinkers in a joyous and happy learning environment. I have a special privilege to see God every day in the faces and actions of my students." Michael Ambrose, Math teacher

"Connelly has been like an extension of my family - 30 years of love and enjoyment and being able to use my God given talents to make a difference." Mrs. Henry, Connelly Athletic Director

"Connelly allowed me four more years of childhood in high school." Pamela Toomey '72, Connelly Alumna and Art Department Chair

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"Even though the journey can be challenging, the rewards, to me, are priceless. I have gained knowledge, self-discovery, incredible friends, love, and countless memories."
Katherine, Class of 2011

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