Connelly Celebrates World Cultures
March 13, 2006

Connelly Celebrates World Cultures

Connelly High School in Anaheim is celebrating World Cultures Week.  Monday began with a student-prepared Power Point presentation on the people, culture, religion, and food of thirteen countries represented by students at Connelly.  Students wore costumes from the different countries and sophomore Danielle Morabito presented a native dance from the Philippines.   Tuesday was Irish.  The Celtic Gold Academy of Irish Dance demonstrated Irish solo and group dances and explained the history of Irish dancing.  On Wednesday, Connelly's Big and Little Sisters exchanged ethnic lunches, either from their own culture or from another of their choice.  Thursday was Ethnic Dress Day, plus "A Taste of World Cultures."   Students and faculty dressed in costumes from many countries, and everyone sampled delicious varieties of ethnic food.  Of course, on Friday, St. Patrick's Day, everyone wore green.  The Associated Student Body organized a faculty/student basketball game and everyone enjoyed games of searching for gold coins, finding 4-leaf clovers, and old-fashioned potato sack races.

Our own students in uniform from the left:  Collette O'Connell
and Shauna Stewart with the Celtic Gold Academy of Irish Dance.

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