Seniors from Connelly High School at the Polls - Vote on Election Day
November 4, 2008




                  Thirty-four seniors from Connelly will spend Election Day serving at various Orange County polling places.  In the Orange County Student Poll Worker Program, students must be seniors, U.S. citizens, be in good standing and have a GPA of at least 2.5 at school, and have written permission from school and a parent or guardian.  Orange County provides a mandatory 3-hour training program and the students are placed at polling sites in their city or a surrounding city.  They perform a variety of tasks, including showing people where to sign in on a roster, lining out names on a street index, operating the voting equipment, demonstrating how to use the electronic voting system, and assisting with closing procedures.  What a great experience for these future voters.

Picture:  Connelly seniors attended an Orange County training program to learn to serve as poll workers on Election Day. Front l-r: Danae Sandoval, Michelle Hazen, Dominique Paradela, Katherine Tuebner, Shehzein Khan, Nicole Choe; back l-r: Chelsea Chrisman, Megan Kilmarx, Jocelyn Harrison, Francesca Catizone, Elizabeth Riley, Kristina & Rebecca Scott, Genevieve Hazboun, Gabby Venya, Allison Sholly, Krista Engle, Katie Rogers, Jashley Hansen, Victoria Carter, Melissa Martin, Erica Rodriguez, Ysabella Palo, Kelsey Weston, Jamie Shea, Caroline Currie, Kimvan Nguyen; not pictured: Emilee Avzaradel, Giuliana Cefalu, Kimberly Hurtubise, Elizabeth Saavedra, Giovanna Simigton, Jackie Suarez and Amelia Wagner.


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