Connelly Celebrates World Cultures Week
May 2, 2008

             Many cultures of the world are represented in Orange County.  Connelly celebrates World Cultures Week annually, to honor its diversity and to educate the students and the community in these cultures.  This year, on Monday, April 7, Connelly began the week with 9th grade students offering morning prayers in other languages: Monet Granillo - Latin, Zoe Kam - Spanish, Antonella Ilarini-Cimodomo - Italian, Randa Heleka - Arabic, and Deenah Jarrar - Arabic.  At a morning assembly, costumed Indian dances were performed by juniors Hardeep Singh and Shehzein Khan, and senior Mehr Grewal.  Tuesday, which began with The Lord's Prayer in Greek by sophomore Maria Psara, was Ethnic Dress Day.  Many students and faculty dressed in the native costumes of another culture, and the International Club held a bake sale with delicious treats.  On Wednesday morning, A Student's Prayer was offered in Korean by sophomore Stella Kim, and the Spanish Honor Society hosted a Pinata Party for the students.  The Serenity Prayer was read in Arabic by sophomore Nadine Sidhom on Thursday morning, and at an afternoon assembly, Mr. Jack Pariser, who spent WWII hiding from the Nazis in Poland, told his story.  Friday began with The Hail Mary in Spanish by senior Deicy Garcia; students brought lunches to share with their Big and Little Sisters; and during an assembly, Baba the Storyteller provided beautiful music on the Kora, an ancient 21-string West African Harp, and told entertaining ancient African stories in which he interacted with the students.
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